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Solutions for
Storage Facilities

The best defense to prevent storage facility theft is video monitoring.


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Built for the Community. Loved by Law Enforcement.

The most common type of burglary in the self-storage industry happens when a thieve cuts a lock on a unit and steals the items from inside.


This can happen in just seconds with a simple pair of bolt cutters, and can cause significant damage to your property – not to mention, the complete loss of property for your tenant.

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Always Watching

When your smart system detects an intruder, security guards are able to immediately begin taking action.

Camera watching construction site, person in hard hat

Computer Vision

Automate the monitoring of workplace safety measures such as the use of personal protective equipment, standard operating procedure compliance and personal hygiene.

Server connected to a camera and a video recording box (DVR)

Any Video

Connect to existing video stream sources including IP cameras, NVRs, hybrid encoders & more. Work with what you already have on site.

Many servers connected to the cloud

Build & Scale

Powerful remote tools allow you to manage every aspect of your multi-site video surveillance network.

Camera detecting a person, car

Cloud Analytics

Detect up to 198 different kinds of objects. People, Animals, and Vehicles are just the start.

Computer monitor with -XYZ Security-

Partner Branding

Every time your customer receives a notification they will see your brand. Custom iOS and Android apps are available.

We value the partnership with Local Security and their commitment to providing services to the community. Video Monitoring allows us to prevent the crime before it happens.

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Spy vs Spy


Local Security Platform

Everything needed to grow your business

The Cloud Alarm Management Platform is a toolkit designed to decentralize video operations management. The toolkit allows companies interested in remote video monitoring an end-to-end solution for success.

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Solar Powered Security

Video monitoring for remote locations


With mobile live video monitoring solutions, your storage facility site stays secure 24/7.

Local Security designs advanced mobile security solutions that enable security providers to deploy video monitoring anywhere it is needed

After a security assessment and deployment, cameras create an invisible perimeter around your clients property.

Mobile solutions come equipped with high definition cameras, which can then be monitored 24/7 by highly trained Local Security partners.

Use our hardware or bring your own. Once the video streams are connected to the cloud, advanced analytics run 24/7 to detect threats and filter out erroneous alerts.

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