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                                      Frequently Asked Questions

                                      You have questions. We get it. We also have answers.


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                                      Do not hesitate to contact us at support@localsecurity.io

                                      Startup Business Enterprise
                                      Starting at $119 / month
                                      Free Trial

                                      $ /mo

                                      For individuals starting with video monitoring

                                      $ 459/mo

                                      $ /mo

                                      For companies growing their video monitoring business

                                      $ 949/mo

                                      $ /mo

                                      For established providers and high-growth startups
                                      Video Cloud Video Analytics
                                      Detect up to 198 different kinds of objects. People, Animals, and Vehicles are just the start.
                                      Live Streaming
                                      Embed your video onto any web site using our HTML embed widget.
                                      Push Module
                                      Connect directly to Local Security over HTTPS tunnel, avoiding bridges, hubs and other unnecessary gateways.
                                      Device Health
                                      Monitor device health in real-time. Receives alerts by push, email, or API webhook the moment something goes wrong.
                                      Local Security has partnered with Stripe to manage your customers billing through platform.
                                      Connect to a custom subdomain featuring your logo and colors. Use the generic Local Security iOS and Android app with your logo in the banner.
                                      Beta Features
                                      Get early access to new features and enhancements. Work directly with our team to improve the product.
                                      Full White Label
                                      Connect to a custom root domain and completely remove any mention of Local Security. Get native iOS and Android apps with your logo and colors. Every time your customer receives a notification they will see your brand.
                                      Fees Apply
                                      Data & Storage
                                      All Camera Glue services run on AWS. Pay only for what you consume.
                                      Pay per Use
                                      Pay per Use
                                      Pay per Use
                                      Monitoring Operations SOC License
                                      Use Bounty Hunter to to run your Surveillance Operations Center and respond to emergencies. Monitor your own cameras or offer wholesale services to other organizations in the network.
                                      Connect video to Bounty Hunter for video monitoring by a network partner.
                                      911 Multimedia
                                      Instantly transmit data including account information, video, pictures, and chat live with 911 in supported jurisdictions.
                                      Live Patrol
                                      Instantly transmit account information, video, pictures, to a security guard for a live patrol anywhere in North America.
                                      Instantly transmit account information, video, and pictures to your TrackTik account.
                                      Voice Connect
                                      Empower your guards to make secure, recorded, voice calls from inside Bounty Hunter. Connect to traditional phone lines, or SIP based talk down speaker and paging systems.
                                      Support Growth Capital
                                      Grow your company without giving up control. Equity-free lending so you maintain 100% ownership and control.
                                      Allow customers to pay with a credit card or bank transfer. Accept one-time and recurring payments with no monthly fees. Automatically settle bills associated with transactions such as vendor payments.
                                      Local Security account managers will help you train your team and get Local Security Certified.
                                      Leads Program
                                      Get connected to video monitoring leads in your community.
                                      Marketing Perks
                                      Receive funding and special discounts for marketing video monitoring.
                                      Support Availability
                                      Support Channels
                                      + Slack Chat
                                      + Concierge
                                      Support SLA
                                      4 Hours
                                      1 Hour
                                      Setup Fee
                                      Quick Start Kit Hardware Kit
                                      SmartGuard PTZ + SmartGuard Gateway
                                      Demo Site Credit
                                      Included with your platform fees is a credit for monitoring a demo site of your choosing.