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Canada, USA, Mexico, Brazil, Jamaica, Aruba

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Organizations worldwide use Local Security to power their video surveillance networks.


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The Local Security suite integrates best-in-class cloud video management, AI computer vision, and a proprietary workflow management technology.

The platform creates a robust connection between video operators and first responders in 10,000+ jurisdictions.

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Seconds to Summon a Guard


Seconds to Dispatch Authorities


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The only solution proven to work in complex environments

How it Works


Surveillance cameras send video to the cloud and AI performs a threat assessment


Camera detecting a person, car


3 Seconds

Virtual Surveillance Operations Centers (VSOCs) work together to route the inbound signals 300% faster than traditional systems


4-5 Security guards on top of a map


3 Seconds

7 Seconds

Live human Video Operators leap into action, verifying emergency signals, and connecting with stakeholders


surveillance operations center


60 Seconds

Pictures, Video, and all relevant information are beamed directly to first responders, speeding up response times and enhancing situational awareness


Camera sending pictures and video to a police car


60 Seconds

7 Minutes

Armed guards, police, fire, medical, bylaw, and outreach agencies respond with boots on the ground 

Police putting bad guy in handcuffs, camera watching



All information gathered is reported back to end users and emergency services in your branded company portal and apps

Computer monitor with -XYZ Security-



Mission Complete

All of these products and services together create a complimentary ecosystem that enable local security organizations to deliver best in class security services.

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The Results

A step forward for safety and security in your community

More Accurate
Threat Assessments

Humans and AI working together to learn from each other


Bounty Hunter

Bounty Hunter helps Surveillance Operations Centers to manage incidents from a video first perspective.

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HubSpot Video



Camera Glue

Connect to virtually any stream source including IP cameras, NVRs, hybrid encoders & more. 

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HubSpot Video



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Local Security App Store

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Local Security

The Local Security app allows users to control their video monitoring system, view their billing history, view their contact details, and more!


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Bounty Hunter App Store

Bounty Hunter Play Store

Bounty Hunter

AI enhanced Virtual Surveillance Operations Center (VSOC) technology ensures every mission is a success.


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Camera Glue

Powerful remote tools allow you to manage every aspect of your multi-site video surveillance network.


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